Woody Woodbury For St. George City Mayor

Liberty Action Coalition is happy to endorse Woody Woodbury for Mayor of St. George City.  Woody’s belief  that the ideals and values espoused in the Constitution are critical to the success of our society today, give us hope that a brighter future is in store for our community. His desire for honesty, integrity, truth and transparency in government assures us that when elected he will represent WE THE PEOPLE. If we are to have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness it is required that the place for us to start is right here in our own city of St. George, UT.

Please support us in electing Woody as our new St. George City Mayor!



Driven by his faith in God, entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in American freedom, Woody wouldn’t be where he is today without the amazing support of his beautiful wife and 4 children.

Woody’s Hero is his father who served his entire career in the military and whose unwavering examples of faith, loyalty and devotion deeply instilled the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and Patriotism from the day Woody was born.

Woody’s experiences growing up overseas during the end of the Cold War, both Gulf Wars, and Desert Storm only solidified his love for the American ideals of Freedom, especially pertaining to the rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

During high school Woody helped run a family business and began to witness firsthand how poor leadership in government caused division and insecurity for Americans.

After graduating Woody was denied for pilot training with the Air Force due to poor vision, immediately ending a lifelong dream. He then focused his efforts on serving in the private sector where he quickly fell in love with, and became an avid student of entrepreneurship, law, psychology, and human behavioral science.

After serving a Mission for his church, Woody moved to St. George where he came to love the area his family originally helped settle and it’s rich history. So far in his career, Woody has built several businesses both locally and internationally. He has consulted hundreds of other entrepreneurs and organizations both public and private around the world to systemize, scale, and operate profitability with his people centered approach to business and management.

Woody’s natural talent for building efficiencies in organizations has enabled him to find creative solutions to problems which many people viewed as impossible and makes him the perfect candidate for Mayor. The cornerstone of his approach is truthfulness and transparency which has been proven to ensure positive and successful results for all parties.

It is obvious to Woody that the United States Constitution was designed and intended by the Founding Fathers to protect the freedoms and liberties of ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, creed, or origin. That a return to the ideals and values espoused in the Constitution is critical to the success of our society today. That a return to honesty, integrity, truth and transparency in government is required and that the place for us to start is right here in our beautiful city of St. George, UT.

To learn more about Woody please visit his website:   www.WoodyForMayor.org 

If you have questions or are willing to help with Woody’s campaign email him at: woody@woodbury.co