Michelle Tanner for St. George City Council

The Liberty Action Coalition endorses Michelle Tanner for St. George City Council. Michelle is a true patriot, whose heart is set on the rights and liberty of the people.  If WE THE PEOPLE want a voice in our local government then we must vote for those willing to hear our voices and stand for our LIBERTY. Michelle will be our voice in St. George!






I am a passionate freedom fighter and feel beyond blessed to live in the greatest city in the greatest Nation in the world. I grew up right here in Utah’s Dixie, went to East Elementary, Pine View High School, and received my undergraduate degree from DSU, where I also met my amazing husband. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from BYU-I, and went on to receive a graduate degree and become a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the University of South Alabama. I have run 12 St. George Marathons and love the Southern Utah hot summers. I returned to Utah’s Dixie several years ago to raise my children.

As a healthcare provider, I recognize the importance of individual autonomy and shared decision making with my patients. It’s not government’s role to step in and make those decisions for us. While working as a frontline healthcare Practitioner in Emergency Medicine, running my own successful small medical clinic, organizing humanitarian missions, and raising my 2 small children, I have gained many perspectives into the importance of strong community leadership.

Now, more than ever we must engage in our local communities and assure that our elected officials understand the proper role of government. We need voices in leadership who will not remain silent in the face of cancel culture agendas and assaults on freedom. I am not kind to tyranny nor do I kneel to anyone but the Almighty God.

I pledge to continue to place principle over popularity and stand for WE THE PEOPLE.

-Michelle Tanner FNP-C


⁃ I am a defender of personal liberties and rights.  Wearing a mask or taking a vaccine is a personal choice.  I oppose government control that exceeds proscribed constitutional limits such as the closing down of businesses, mandatory vaccinations and masks using so-called “emergency powers” that government officials themselves declared this past year. As a healthcare provider I have a long history of being a patients’ rights advocate and I will continue to advocate for our individual health freedom.


-We must preserve Utah’s Dixie and defend Southwestern Utah heritage. I will not tolerate cancel culture. I stand firm in preserving core constitutional and conservative values.


⁃ We have seen how quickly personal freedoms can be violated under the guise of “public safety” while many elected officials remained silent. I pledge that I will always ask “does this preserve individual liberty?” We need to be past the era of electing “politicians” and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I am not a politician, but I do desire to be a public servant as I know my voice represents many who have felt voiceless.

To learn more about Michelle for city Council visit her website at:    www.tanner4stgeorge.com

To help with her campaign email her at:   shelltanner@gmail.com